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Goldbergh Luxury Sportswear

Dezember 2021

«We have asked Manuela to help us organise a photoshoot, starting with a train journey on the Glacier Express, and ending with two days on the mountains of Zermatt. 

She has been our local contact for everything we needed: taxi transfers, hotel accommodation, location scouting, location booking, travel, catering etc.

Because she is a local resident of Zermatt, she knows everything and everyone. Because of Covid, we had difficulty in getting our team together, but with every change, Manuela proved flexible and stress free. 

Manuela also has accompanied us during the shooting days, so she could immediately solve any problems we encountered. That proved very valuable. 

In the end, all went perfectly according to plan and we were very happy with the result of our shoot. We couldn’t have done it without her!» 

Theo Nijse, Art Director Goldbergh Luxury Sportswear 

Amsterdam, Niederlanden

Goldbergh Luxury Sportswear
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